Considering it’s Mid-July, I sincerely hope you’ve made it to your favorite sandy locale! Already shopping sunglasses and swimwear on Karmaloop? In case you haven’t noticed all the beach bag essentials floating around, we’ve compiled a list of packing suggestions that will liven up your beach trips.

Let’s start off with the bag itself. Some of my favorite options include¬†the Daypack Bag in Sailor Stripe by Baggu, the Tote Bag in Motel Vogue by Motel, and the Rizzler Bag by Jeffrey Campbell Handbags. I especially like the nautical stripes on the Baggu daypack, the vintage inspired print on the Motel tote, and the earthy rust leather and natural burlap of the JC backpack.

So what will you carry in your standout beach bag? Obvious SPF and snacks come to mind, but those who want more than a bare essentials day in the sun might be interested in the following:

  1. The Saved By The Bell Muscle Tank by Claw Money – If you were a kid of the 90s, you will swoon for this cover-up’s nod to an iconic TV logo.
  2. The Bitch Towel by Married to the Mob – Turn some heads for a reason other than your adorable bikini.
  3. The Cardboard Boombox by suk UK – Music on the go. ‘Nuff said.
  4. The My Eco Can by MollaSpace - In a variety of colors this eco-friendly “can” is a perfect way to transport your favorite beverage.
  5. The Out of Photographers Book by Yonehara - More stimulating beach reading than gossip mags.

Now you can sunbathe happy as a clam!