Samii Ryan the shakedown

Who are you, and how are you living?

I am Samii Ryan, a 20-yea-old entrepreneur, trying to make a living off of my brand, By Samii Ryan. We are currently being carried by Nordstrom, which is so exciting and a lot of work!


What inspires your look? 

I am inspired right now mostly by different decades throughout time. I am a die-hard thrift shopper. I am also inspired by music, art, and pop culture. I love to try different things–I like to dress like I am stuck in another generation. I think through my fashion is my creativity.


Describe your style for us:

Right now I am a mix between the 70’s hippie fashion and 80’s grunge fashion. If you can mix the two together it would equal my closet! I love thrift shopping; I go nearly every week to find my new obsessions. I also love shopping in my boyfriend’s “Mimi’s” closet. She has the best high-waisted shorts and she even gave me an awesome black lace leotard. I like to be comfortable yet chic, and I love throwing in some bold accessories to spice up my outfit.


If you could wear just one brand for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I am really not a brandy person. I don’t really shop by brand since I thrift most of my clothing, but if I had to choose one brand I would die in Wildfox Couture. I am in love with their unique yet simple t-shirts. That is the only thing I can force myself to splurge on!


What do you think of the current state of fashion?

I feel like fashion varies in different locations. I live in a small town in the Poconos, PA and fashion here is made up of generic preps, jocks, and all the kids I like to hate. I definitely turn some heads when I walk down the street–people think I’m nuts. However when I go into New York, I feel that everyone there is so up to date on fashion. I feel like the 80’s are coming back. High-waisted mom shorts are key this summer, and you see a lot of this trend in Brooklyn. Also feathers, feathers, feathers are the best accessory for summer!


Any upcoming brands that you’re looking at?

Upcoming brands I love are (of course) Wildfox, but runway wise I love Jeremy Scott. He is so creative and I love how he incorporates pop culture into bold wearable pieces. He is really inspiring to young designers trying to be something different and unique.


Describe yourself in 10 words:

I thrift a lot and I love feathers and leather :)


Do you have a website?

Yes! I have a Native American inspired accessory and clothing collection called By Samii Ryan. You can find me at Also I blog pretty much every day which you can visit at