I’m not talking gang wars or medical beliefs, I’m talking about the U.S. coasts. Perhaps this post should be called “NE vs. CA” or ” “New York City vs. Los Angeles,” but whatever the case, mentality and action across the coasts is definitely distinct. If you’re a hustler from SoCal or a laid-back NY-native- don’t take offense. I’m not saying one is better than the other, but let’s look at the ways the left and right coasts differ.

As the stereotypes go, Californians and their counterparts up the coast:

  • Are blonde
  • Call people “dude”
  • Wear sandals and/or Ugg boots excessively
  • Fake (boobs, hair color, superficial, etc.)
  • Earth-friendly
  • Into avocados
  • Drive
  • Lazy
  • Tan

Northeasterners are stereotyped as:

  • Always on the go
  • Hard-working
  • Bluntly honest
  • Uptight
  • Wearing a lot of black
  • Quick walkers
  • Snobby
  • Old money
  • Having a variety of weird American accents

This is not to say that you won’t find Boho chic in New York, fake boobs and tans on the east (hello, Jersey Shore), fashion awesomess in Seattle, or hustlers on the west. But there is some truth to the generalizations about each side.

Even here on the site, you can see a difference between *LA Boutique and *NYC Boutique. Both are cute, but in different vibes. What may have started off as weather dictating fashion (East Coast gets harsher weather and  flip flops can technically be worn year-round for most of the west) has evolved into easy-breezy California style (plus weird pairings of things like scarves + flip flops) and more put together (heavy on the black color usage) East Coast fashion outfits. Or maybe the weather also gave way to mentalities; sunny Californians cruise and outfits to work ethic to pace reflect that. American forefathers on the east coast survived by straight hustling, roots have been growing longer on that U.S. side, and certain things just matter more because of the tone set from years before.

No matter what the reasons for differences and which reasons are actual or created, none of them justify one being better or right or the way. Both coasts are trying to get by the best way they know how. We all care about people, causes, and various forms of entertainment because we do. One coast may appreciate intricacies the other doesn’t seem to, but then again, that side may better acknowledge the simpler things we sometimes lose sight of. Each of us has a unique way of life that goes beyond coasts, country, and history. And we can all learn from those across the country or across the table from us.

Stella Burchard — a New York City-based writer, sales rep, and blogger – is the Queen of Bows. For more on her + her writing, check out QueenofBows.com, her weekly columns on M.I.S.S., or follow her on twitter!

[Image Credit: Christina Rimstad]