Men’s bloggers Carissa Rossi and Elizabeth Bowen caught up with Jac Vanek music enthusiast, designer, and social activist — while hanging out at Vans Warped Tour last week. Read on for Jac’s inspiration, the NOH8 campaign, and who she is pumped to see on tour…

Carissa Rossi: Hey Jac! Tell us about what you do…
Jac Vanek: I own a clothing company of the same name and I am just out here on Warped Tour selling my stuff, having a good time!

CR: What is the best thing about your job?
JV: The fact that I can be own my own boss. I like to drink, so being able drink on the job is a perk and amazing. I guess the best thing to is being able to travel because I am the biggest adventure buff in the entire world. So it’s really cool to all these different places and be able to do awesome stuff in each city I go to.

CR: How did you get started in this industry and get your name out there as a young girl? This just amazes me.
JV: It’s crazy. I’ve been blogging like you have, since I have been 15 years old and got really really involved in the music scene and I started blogging about going to shows and meeting bands. When I was in college I made a bracelet with “ruthless” on it and gave it to five of my friends in bands and the demand for it took off. Kids would see pictures of it online and they would find me on MySpace and I was able to expand from there. It’s really great.

CR: Well you just led me to my next question.
JV: I know I am like really ahead of you!

CR: You’re awesome! Can you describe music’s effect on your work?
JV: Well “ruthless” is something from a band called Something Corporate and their that one band that made me fall absolutely in love with music, I would not be the same person if it wasn’t for that band. Music fuels my life no matter what and I am obsessed with music and have been since I was 15. Just being apart of the music scene and this world has really shaped who I am and influences every single part of my day.

CR: You have had the chance to work with several non-profit companies, including NOH8. Can you tell us a little bit about how you were involved in the campaign?
JV: Well the campaign is for equal marriage laws in California. One of my best friends, Jeffrey Star, is friends with all the guys who were working on the campaign and it became this huge movement throughout the entire country, so I got hooked up through him and I fell in love with the people running the campaign. I am all about gay rights and it’s a cause that I completely believe in, anything I can do to help that out is amazing to me.

CR: Last but not least who are you pumped to see perform on Warped Tour?
JV: There a few bands that I am really excited to see. The tour is really hardcore based which I know nothing about, so it’s cool to see all those bands. There’s this band called Larry and His Flask, I describe them to people as Mumford & Sons on crack there in this insane folky punk bluegrass band but their spastic as hell. They have just been playing at their tent everyday and have been moved up to main stage. There is also this band called Bad Rabbits (editor’s note: those are our boys!!!), they are incredible and need to be way bigger than they are. There is always that one band on warped tour that doesn’t fit in at all and they start out really small and blowing up by the end of the tour. I feel like Bad Rabbits is completely that band.