hello ladies

Hey Ladies!

How do you guys feel about all this Casey Anthony nonsense? I caught a glimpse of her on the news this morning, and to be honest, my first thought was something along the lines of , “Why are we even giving this woman any more attention?” And my second, “The justice system has surely failed us.” But enough on that, I’m getting in gear for our fall look book that we’re shooting tomorrow at the lovely Boston Public Library. We’ve been busy pulling looks from all our brands, and my office looks more like a closet than an office, but it will all be worth it when we have the finished product.

In other news, I got to shoot with the lovely Olivia Lopez, of the blog Lust for Life yesterday, and I must say, she is JUST as lovely in person as she is on film. And such a sweetheart! Check the blog for more on that in about a week.

Sorry this message is so short, I’ve got to fly to another lookbook meeting!

And until next time, stay lovely ladies!


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