Hello Lovelies!! How was your 4th of July?? We spent our holiday weekend cliff diving, barbequing, boozing, and at probably the most wonderful beach I have ever been to (not necessarily because of the beach, but because of the excellent people watching and deep fried foods!). On Saturday we slipped on our Natives and I shimmied into my L Space wrap bikini and we scooped up some other Karma-kids to drive up into New Hampshire for a day of fun in the sun at Horseshoe Falls. It was a super fun day of diving off of sketchy cliffs into suspect waters, natural “Jacuzzi”-ing, way too much barbeque, and tons of laughter.

On the actual 4th, we drove up to NH again (I know, it’s becoming a “thing” haha) and hit up the magnificent Hampton Beach… Which is NOT to be confused with The Hamptons. It’s seriously probably one of my very favorite new places, firstly for the GIANT pier complete with rides, deep fried oreos, and all the arcade games you could ever dream of. This is not to mention the gorgeous crystalline waters, actual WAVES (totally reminded me of Cali waters), and amazingggg people watching. It reminded us of – to put it bluntly – a multi-ethnic bootleg Jersey Shore. Who WOULDN’T want to go there?? And please, if you do end up going, be SURE to try the deep fried lobster… it changed my life.  Later in the evening the bossman Greg and his lovely wife Dina invited us to watch the fireworks on their amazing roof deck which overlooks Copley Square and has a perfect central view of all the fireworks. Ahh, bliss.

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend as well, and would love to hear all about them!

Until next time, stay gorgeous!
Xoxo jenini


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