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Hello Ladies!

How fantastic is it that the 4th falls on a Monday this year? I’m so excited for this long weekend of sun (please let it be sunny!), swimming, friends, fun, and fireworks! There’s just something so magical about perching on a bench or blanket pressed up on your significant other or a bunch of your best friends watching those fiery explosions in the sky.
I don’t know about you, but personally I feel it’s totally fine to dress like a cliché when it comes to national holidays. With that in mind, I’m snagging The Joyrich x Keith Haring Bikini in Stars and Stripes to rock out this weekend. I probably won’t actually wear that on the 4th, seeing as we’ve been invited to a fancy soiree to watch the fireworks on a gorgeous open deck 19 stories above the city, but I’ll still stay in the same vein with the Francesca Dress in Navy and Cream by Motel and a red hot lip! There’s definitely a way to do cliché without being passé!

What will YOU be wearing this weekend?



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