Chick of the Month Faran Krentcil

Meet July’s Chick of the Month, Faran Krentcil! Faran currently works as the Digital Director at  She was the founder of, and has written for The New York Times, New York Magazine and Teen Vogue.  We had the chance to catch up with Faran to discuss her career, how to make it in fashion writing, and what it’s like to meet Gwen Stefani.

So you’re currently Digital Director at Nylon Mag. Tell us a bit about what your job entails… What does a typical day look like?

It usually starts by coming into the office, discussing new trends and obsessions with the NYLON Digital team, and figuring out a game plan for the website.  But a great part about NYLON is that there is no typical day – it can be anything from shooting behind-the-scenes footage for a cover shoot, to trying out a new neon nail polish, to brainstorming new ideas for NYLON TV episodes.

What do you love best about your job?

Not to sound cheesy, but I really do love so many things about my job.  Our editor in chief, Marvin Scott Jarrett, and the people he’s chosen to work at NYLON are so creative and talented, it’s inspiring to see what they’re doing every day.  And the digital team at – Liza Darwin, Nick Bloom-Scaglione, Ali Hoffman, Kristin Garris, and Stephanie Crane – they are so amazing that being able to be part of that group is an honor.  The online aspect of my job is crazy (in a good way) because it lets us break news and take the temperature of our readers – it’s neat to see how our obsessions and theirs line up.  Being online is cool for production purposes too – in print, you have a fashion editor, a features editor, a photographer; online we get to do everything as a team, so sometimes I’ll photograph a fashion show, sometimes I’ll write, sometimes I’ll even do graphic design.

Did you always know that you wanted to be in fashion editorial, or did your career just sort of blossom organically?

My Dad had a lot to do with it; he’s a photographer and loved imagery from the ‘60s and ‘70s.  Growing up, we always had stacks of old fashion magazines that I would steal and cut up.  I’d get in so much trouble, but I was just trying to make my own magazines!  I started acting professionally when I was 10, and I thought I’d be a director and playwright, or at the very least a movie star!  But in college I found myself being more excited about commercial art and fashion.  It was hard leaving the performing world, but the second I started interning at a fashion magazine, I knew I wanted it.

I would imagine that you get to meet a lot of cool people at work.  Are you ever totally star-struck?

Yes, but not in the way you’d think.  I get to meet a lot of film actors for my job, and that’s always interesting, but the people who really make me nervous are the ones I admire professionally.  For example, the first time I met Diane von Furstenberg, I was shaking.  The same with Cathy Horyn, the fashion critic at The New York Times. Honestly, the first time I came into the NYLON office, I was shaking, too!  But that’s boring – I guess I should admit that the first time I met Gwen Stefani, I was so excited, I blurted out, “My mom and I are your biggest fans!”  Yeah.  Oops.

In addition to writing for some of the most notable publications in the country, you also founded, a hugely influential fashion blog in its own right. Tell us a bit about Fashionista and why you started it.

I was asked to start Fashionista by Elizabeth Spiers, who’s now the editor-in-chief of The New York Observer. We went out for lunch and I remember all I wanted was crème brulee, so I was sitting there cracking sugar with a spoon and telling her what a fashion blog should really look like.  I wanted it to feel like a real conversation, and be fun as well as informative – I was really insistent that we break major industry news before anyone else, but still be fun and irreverent when possible.  It was a great adventure and one of the scariest and most fun things I’ve ever done.

A lot of young writers look up to you.  Who do you look up to?

That’s really nice of you, thank you.  I look up to women who have been able to make a creative life for themselves on their own terms.  I really do admire Diane von Furstenberg for building such a complete brand without apologizing for being a sexy and very social woman.  I love Alison Mosshart’s fearlessness onstage; I try to stand right up to the front when The Kills or The Deadweather are performing so maybe some of it seeps into me.   And I still read a lot of ‘70s rock criticism from vintage magazines, because I want to figure out how to use that style in a fashion article…

Do you have any advice for girls who want to turn a love of fashion into a career?

Study it like it’s your major – you should be able to look at a photo in a magazine and know the model and the designer immediately.  Intern everywhere.  Make sure your resume is one clean page – if you’re 21 years old, you shouldn’t have a three-page resume unless you’re Dakota Fanning.  Don’t think taking photos of yourself in cute outfits constitutes a career – if you want to be a fashion writer, make sure you can actually write.  And always be polite – this is a small industry and despite the pop culture view that fashion people are “bitchy,” nobody wants to work with someone who’s a total pill.  That said, sometimes people will be frustrated and act like a total pill, so build a thick skin and learn how to breathe deep.  (Why do you think so many fashion people do yoga?!)

Let’s switch gears quickly.  Name three pieces in your closet that you simply can’t live without:

1)      Gap 1969 straight leg jeans. They look fantastic with everything and feel great.  A true staple.

2)      Marc by Marc Jacobs heels.  I have like ten pairs.  Everyone says Louboutins are the most comfortable, but I can do anything in Marc heels, even ballet.  (Yes, I’ve tried.  No, don’t ask.)

3)      A vintage red leather coat from my mother.  It’s my absolute favorite thing in my closet; I feel like a Mod from Mary Quant’s studio when I wear it.  She had it made at my grandfather’s factory in 1967.

Clearly you’ve accomplished a lot at a young age. What’s up next for Faran:  A book deal?  Your own Bravo series??  A one-woman off Broadway circus production, perhaps???   Inquiring minds must know!

I’m in a playwriting program, and I’m working towards having a small production of one of my plays.  That will be amazing.

Last but not least, what is your favorite thing about the month of July?

The NYLON Summer Music Issue!  We’re giving away 20 tracks of music for free, plus Florence Welch is on our cover and she’s one of my girl crushes.  Check out her Stevie Nicks tribute on NYLON TV.

Faran Krentcil chick of the month


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