1. A fashion presence at summer music festivals is by no means a new phenomenon, however, The New York Times notes that the Music to Know festival, taking place in East Hampton August 13-14, may be one of the first to really consider a large scale pop-up marketplace as a “forethought” rather than an “afterthought”. Though small independent vendors have always held their own in this scene, 30 larger brands (like Madewell and the Olsens’ Elizabeth and James) will be setting up shop at Music to Know. [NYT - Rock and Rags are Co-Stars]
  2. Though I love scoping out makeup, I’m pretty naive when it comes to brush techniques. It’s terra incognita for me, but having recently played around with eye brushes my curiosity about cheek brushes has been peaked! Fortunately, Lauren Conrad’s beauty blog The Beauty Department has a breakdown of different brushes and how to use them. [The Beauty Department - Brush Class, Part Deux]
  3. For those of you familiar with From Me to You‘s mesmerizing GIFs… you probably aren’t surprised to learn of Jamie’s skillful photography alongside her GIF wizardry. Ever wondered what a day in the life of Oscar de la Renta is like? Well, it is very pretty. Get carried away into fantasyland with her great photo diary. [From Me to You - A Day at Oscar de la Renta]
  4. Bang bang! In the words of BleachBlack, these bags are “packing heat”. [BleachBlack - Knifestyles of the Rich and Famous]
  5. The prettiest drink that we ever did see! Herb Citrus Cordial, courtesy of Wildfox. [I Love Wildfox -- Inn Brooklyn Recipe]