If you aren’t trolling the blogosphere all week (like I am), maybe some hidden gems fly under your radar. No worries! Check out this Friday’s roundup of web distractions.

  1. Trendland tipped us off to currency manipulations by James Charles, inspired by pop culture icons and fine artists alike. Pretty rad, and if you’re in the San Fran area, maybe pick up one for about $70 — though I’m sure they’ve sold by now! [Trendland - Currency Manipulations by James Charles]
  2. Have you visited the rebirth of Jane Pratt‘s magazine empire, xoJane.com? They’ve reintroduced the popular “MAKEUNDER” column from JANE magazine, with their first installment dressing down Tinsley Mortimer. If you subscribe to the idea that sometimes less is more, check it out. [xoJane - First xoJane Makeunder! Tinsley Mortimer]
  3. Animal NY reports the not-really-surprising statistic that film photography is on the decline (sadface). Anyone else feel an urge to pick up a disposable camera for this weekend and see what surprises come out the other end?! [Animal NY - Film Photography Is on Its Deathbed]
  4. The crisis in Japan may have subdued, but recovery efforts and the need for aid have not. Spare the $5 for a Chrome Hearts pin designed by Jesse Jo — all proceeds will be donated to the continued relief efforts. [BLEACH BLACK - dear people]
  5. So, I was also disappointed to learn this week that since April 1 Amazon has only sold 1 print book for every 5 e-books. WTF!? I can’t imagine that I’m in the minority who favors actually holding a book, carrying it in my bag, flipping pages, the smell of fresh paper (sorry Earth, but I’m being honest), collecting for the dream home library I might afford someday, etc etc etc. OK rant aside, the book sculptures of Bronia Sawyer featured on CMYBacon are fun to look at and are a clever repurposing of those shitty romance novels your mom reads at the beach. [CMYBacon - Book Sculptures by Bronia Sawyer]