Steal her style Lolita

Few on screen “looks” are more iconic than that belonging to Dolores Haze in Stanley Kubrik’s film adaptation of the classic Nabokov novel, Lolita. Kubrick’s Lolita (played by Sue Lyon) is provocative but forbidden, naive yet dangerous.  No wonder the idea of a Lolita is so intriguing!   Become a modern day Lolita with a look that is both sexy and innocent, modern and retro:

steal her style lolita

Clockwise from Top:

1. The Glamour Hat - *The Extras

2.  The Candlewicked Denim ShortsMink Pink

3. The Jaquie ShoeDV Shoes

4. The Spot the Difference Tie ShirtMink Pink

5. The Wild Heart Glasses*The Extras