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I feel like saying you didn’t like Julie Taymor’s Across the Universe is almost like saying you don’t secretly like Ke$sha’s new video with James Van Der Beek. You’d just be lying.  Seriously, this movie has everything: Beatles songs, 70′s hippie fashion,  Joe Cocker playing a pimp… what more could you ask for in an hour and a half long film?  One could argue that the movie even resuscitated Evan Rachel Wood’s career after a ill advised engagement to Marilyn Manson.  Wood plays the role of Lucy, an angsty young woman who devotes all her time and energy to fighting the war in Vietnam. Her anti-war sentiment borders on obsession, much to the detriment of her relationship with British import, Jude (Jim Sturgess). Lucy may be confused when it comes to her love life, but certainly not when it comes to her wardrobe. Our new *Vintage Boutique has plenty of new pieces, perfect for borrowing Lucy’s retro 70′s look.  Complete your ensemble with some bright, earthy jewelry and a pair of vintage inspired sandals, and get thee to a peace rally!

across the universe

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The Triple Wrap Pearl BraceletSerefina

The Aztec Maxi Dress - *Vintage Boutique

The Leprechaun ShoeBC Shoes

The Mod Parrot EarringSerefina