Hello Ladies!


I have a new obsession. My coworkers tell me I’m about a year late on this one, but maybe you are too! Have you guys heard of Kreayshawn? She’s a dope, swagnificent 21 year old rapper from Oakland, CA. I know this song has been out for a minute, but I can’t stop listening to her hit track: Gucci Gucci. This track kicks hard, and the hook, “Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada – basic b!tches wear that sh!t so I don’t even bother,” really SPEAKS to me. Because in the end it’s like… anyone can save up some money and go buy the same Louis Vuitton Speedy, or a monogrammed Gucci bag, and yes, it will be a gorgeous bag that people will admire, but it’s just so overdone! And honestly, who wants to run into a girl wearing the same bag as them ANYWAY?

With Kreayshawn’s in your face lines running through my head I was inspired to buy a bunch of very unique, bright, in your face pieces! Highlights of this shopping spree include: The Pow Gun Ring by Melody Ehsani, The Nightcrawler Legging by NYC Boutique, The Dimepiece Logo Crop Top by Dimepiece Designs, and of course I would be remiss if I didn’t buy any bags! I copped The Mata Hari X Love-Made Fanny Bag in Mint for a super unique, pastel casual day bag, and The Fringe Bag in Navy for a larger, classy bag.

Now I’m going to go blast more cali swag into my ears… what have you guys been
listening to?


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