Here at Karmaloop we’ve been turned on to FriendsWithYou – and if you’ve been aching for this Miami based art collective to bring their mantra of “Magic, Luck, and Friendship” up north, you should be pleased to know they have touched down in NYC for the better part of this lovely 2011 summer. Rainbow City (with support from AOL Artists) has been reborn for the opening of Section 2 of New York’s beloved High Line park. In typical FriendsWithYou fashion, the large scale installation is accompanied by a gallery show titled “:)” (Smile!) at The Hole, presented in collaboration with fresh summer footwear brand, Native Shoes. The environmental art installation at the High Line will be on display June 8-July 5, and “:)” will be on view at The Hole (312 Bowery) from tonight, June 9, until August 6, 2011. I can’t wait to check out these ongoing festivities, and I highly recommend you get your tushie over there too!