Blank Denim

Harem pants have been around for a while now, but some of us have been a little timid over the past couple of years and have shyed away from these bad boys because, really, other than as part of our Princess Jasmine costumes we wore at age seven, how are we supposed to pull these off?  Well, I put some thought into it, and I think I’ve figured out at least three ways to look cute and non-cartoonish.

The first outfit is one I’d wear to work and even out to the bars afterward.  I’m wearing Blank Denim’s take on the harem pant with The Wild Thing Muscle Tank by Claw Money and The Avery Denim Jacket by Hurley.  These Kabeh III Shoes from *Sole Boutique are super cute, and I also added The Beaded Friendship Bracelet by Serefina as a final touch.


Look number two is for the sporty spices of the world.  I have on The Gypsy Love Top by Matix and The Freestyle Hi Ultralites by Reebok.  I feel ridiculously comfortable but still cute and trendy in this outfit.

Drawstring Pants

Last, I’m wearing a getup I’d wear any day of the week.  I’m in love with this The Embroidered Cotton Vest by Free People, and this Floral Tank by Lucca CoutureThe Wheel of Fortune Sandals in Sea Foam by Seychelles are perhaps a nod to my old pal, Princess Jasmine, and I’m paying homage to one of my other favorite Disney gals with The Pocahontas Feather Necklace by Disney Couture Jewelry.  Hey, without Walt Disney, I may have never learned to appreciate harem pants in the first place.

Photos by Tommy Vo