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After months of trudging through snowdrifts of epic proportions and trying to convince ourselves that parkas can actually be chic, it’s finally here! SWIMSUIT SEASON!!  Having come from an island that stays relatively temperate all year long, I am not built for a Boston winter, and could not be more psyched that summer is just around the corner! In honor of the season, I’ve created a round-up of my favorite summer swimsuits! Whether you’ve got the stones to sport the teeny weeny bikini, or you prefer a little more coverage, we’ve got the suit for you!

Summer 2011 bikinis

1. The Dolly Printed Bandeau - L Space

2. The Ginger BikiniJungle Gurl

3.  The Gypsy Gold Bustier Bikini - Insight

4. The Bright Young Thing Bikini - Insight

5. The Tarona SwimsuitJungle Gurl

6. The Stardust Fringe SwimsuitL Space

7. The Oksana Swimsuit - Cheap Monday

8. The Havana SwimsuitVans