Look of the Week Karmaloop

We’ve all had them. The dreary, dull, dragging week that follows a particularly fun-packed weekend. During these kinds of days I find it extra hard to motivate myself to look even remotely put together, nevermind CUTE. With that in mind, I’ve constructed the perfect lazy day/rainy week look. Minty lingerie (Honeydew Intimates) makes for a pop of color that brightens even the dreariest mood, while a loose knit sweater (Cheap Monday) is snuggly enough to slouch around the office in while still maintaining some semblance of fashion-forward dignity. These tribal shorts by Your Eyes Lie lend a chic touch to an otherwise pajama worthy look, and the Turband (Gold Saturn) is great for hiding bedhead! Add a wristful of bangles (*The Extras)  and a pair of cute summer sandals (Ash Shoes) and I promise, no one will ever guess that you hit your snooze button ten times this morning!

P.S. Please excuse my not so super visage.. I prefer to leave the modeling to the REAL models!! Photos courtesy of the lovely Tommy Vo, styled by myself and Miss Emily Richard.

Look of the Week

Look of the Week Karmaloop  Ladies