Creet Street Interview

1.  How did Creep Street start?

To make a short story shorter… Chip, my partner at the time, and I started Creep Street around 2006. We already had some rad ideas mixing our love for horror, skateboarding, old movies, loud colors and ridiculous youtube videos–We decided  to create something that encapsulated what we were both relatively good at: Creeping on the streets! It started with a blog to get the ball rolling, and now my balls are rolling on your blog. Oh yea, and we made shirts.


2.  Where do you get your inspiration?

This season was inspired by the legendary Sleepaway Camp Horror series. Everything about Sleepaway Camp sat so well with Creep Street. The story line, the summer setting, the killing, the humor, the high-waisted cut off jean shorts (for men), and the rad soundtrack! Creepaway Camp is the only place you’ll camp until you die! No surprise penises this time though (ahem Luke).


3.  What is your favorite piece from the Spring/Summer collection and why?

Hmmm… the Big Logo Crop Top for the ladies! Our logo never looked so good hanging off a chicks shoulders, bearing that midriff you worked so hard to get!


4.  Where is the craziest place you’ve seen one of your tees?

Buffalo Exchange.


5.  Last but not least (because inquiring minds must know) who would win in a death-match: Vampires or Werewolves?

Vampires. But not that Twilight shit. The Lost Boys shit.