This is not (I repeat, not) a list of things to celebrate the royal wedding. Rather, it is a highlight of the absurdity revolving around it and why I am THRILLED it will soon disappear from my newsfeed, Twitterfeed, and all the blogs I read daily. I’m completely puzzled as to why it is owning all of our media…I mean yes, I like princesses (Belle is my favorite). And duh, the fashion aspect is pretty fab. But the rest of the hooplah? Whatevuhhh. Maybe I’m overly cynical. I’m just glad to see other parties poking fun at the spectacle. Carry on…

  1. Mashable rounds up some comic relief on the wedding with a list of 3 entertaining Tumblrs: Kate Middleton For the Win, Royal Wedding Tat, and Prince Charles FTW. [Mashable - 3 Amusing Tumblrs That Poke Fun at the Royal Wedding]
  2. As if morning TV didn’t already win 2nd place in the cheese factor competition (primetime singing and dancing shows hold that title), The Cut compiled clips of all the royal wedding hysteria from the past week. My favorite nonsensical moment? The Papa John’s UK pizza. [The Cut - This Week in Royal-Wedding TV Nonsense]
  3. The Hairpin seems to understand that at the crack of dawn on a Friday most of us are more interested in baked goods than watching a wedding across the pond which will be regurgitated to us by the national media all day and probably all weekend. And when it comes to picking between sleep and baked goods, the deciding factor is lies in the answer to this question: how good are the goodies? Try out their “royal scone” recipe and report back to me. [The Hairpin - Royal Scones: Eat Them as You Watch]
  4. The plethora of bad and awesomely bad wedding memorabilia is spreading across the web, but I think Fashionista does a pretty decent job of compiling a top 10 list (though I’m sure there is much more crazy out there to be seen). [Fashionista - The Top Ten Wackiest Ways Retailers are Cashing in on the Royal Wedding]
  5. And to confirm my suspicions…GOOD brings up the reassuring statistic that apparently most of us don’t care about the wedding as much as mainstream media seems to believe we do. [GOOD - Lame of Thrones: What the Royal Wedding Says About Our Damaged Media Culture]

To close this case, I will quote KarmaloopTV‘s tweet from yesterday: “KarmaloopTV x The Royal Wedding. Coming never.”