Vans x Jesse Jo Karmaloop Contest

So I know that by now ya’ll are already aware of the Vans and Jesse Jo collaboration…after all, you’ve been asking about it for weeks! Well, I am pleased to say that the collection has finally dropped at Karmaloop!  Hooooray! And the fun doesn’t end there: we’re offering you a chance to win an entire outfit from the collection, PLUS a custom card from Vans to design your very own shoes!  Click here to enter!

Still craving more Jesse Jo? Don’t worry, we got you.  Check out this Q&A between Jesse and Vans to learn more about the collection, Jesse’s inspiration, and her personal style!

Q:  What is your first memory of Vans?
A:  Cute boys… I wanted to steal their shoes.

Q:   What has been your favorite part of the process of getting your Vans line created?
A:  I enjoyed working with everyone.  It was rad to go through every shoe lace and every fabric.  DID YOU KNOW that the lil’ thingy on the end of the shoe lace is called an aglet!!?  Thanks Ryan for that awesome fact.

Q:  Did you receive any advice from your parents on creating your own collection?

Q:  The collection is DIY inspired, when did you start creating your own clothes and accessories from already existing pieces?
A:  For as long as I can remember.  I used to staple and scotch tape pieces of leather together to try and make a bag.

Q:  What are your favorite styles from the collection?

Q:  The collection features an image of a triceratops and T. rex, any specific personal reason for including the dinosaur?
A:  DINOSAURS… I have a seven year old brother and sister.  They rub off on me sometimes.  :)

Q:  Any similar feelings you have when creating both fashion and music?
A:  No.

Q:  What cities are your favorite places to shop?
A:  Thrift stores in San Francisco.

Q:  Who are your favorite musicians / bands?
A:  Joan Jett, early Guns N’ Roses, Cher, Hank III, Sex Pistols, Loretta Lynn, Kid Rock, 27 Miles, Kenyon, Run Man, Spice Girls, The Misfits, Hannah Montana… Britney Spears.

Q:  Who are your favorite fashion designers?
A:  Vivienne Westwood made clothes for the Sex Pistols.  HOW CAN YOU TOP THAT?!

Q:  What do you draw from your life and personal experiences for your creative expressions?
A:  New words and phrases.

Q:  How would you describe your personal style?
A:  Messy and instinctive.

Q:  Who are your favorite artists?
A:  Joe Foti, Neck Face, Daryl Trivieri, Steve Olsen and Laurie Lynn Stark.  My brother and sister’s art rocks.  Coolest.

Q:  Does your music affect your personal style? If so, how?
A:  It doesn’t.

Q:  Any fashion must-haves you have in your closet?
A:  Underwear and platforms.

Q:  Other than a handbag, what accessory do you never leave the house without?
A:  Jumper cables.

Q:  Do other musicians inspire your fashion sense?
A:  Films… musicals.

Q:  If you could perform with any musician who would it be and why?
A:  Joan Jett ‘cause she’s Joan Jett.

Q:  What is standard for “a day in the life of Jesse Jo?”
A:  Eat, sleep, drive, play music, big sister, stay alive.

Q:  Other than making music and designing, do you have any other hidden hobbies or talents?
A:  I make really good birthday cards.