For those of you who are really into the field of experiential art, the Miami-based multidisciplinary art collective FriendsWithYou may be a familiar player. If you haven’t heard of this notable collaborative consisting of the artist duo Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, here is your chance! Having built an international legacy over the last decade, these guys developed a viral cultural concept penetrating both the creative and commercial realms. Starting off with toys and moving on to huge art installations and widely hyped experiential events, FriendsWithYou functions on the belief that Magic, Luck, and Friendship™ should be accessible to all…including most recently, our loyal Karmaloop fans. Meet the charming Malfi, Buddy Chub, Mr. TTT Burger, Bingo Bango and more, here to provide visual and sensory pleasure on your walls, your shelf space, and even USB ports.

Besides immortalizing the “friends” characters in limited run toys, prints, and varied memorabilia, FriendsWithYou also conceptualized a magical universe of sorts titled Wish Come True. This signature brand promotes the power of wishing through simplistic design and vibrant colors. The ideal has proven to be so potent that entire festivals have been structured around it, including the eponymous Wish Come True Festival which took place June 2010 in Toronto, pictured below. For 2 weeks Rainbow City took over the Queens Park with transformational large-scale art.

In the wake of the Toronto experience, Rainbow City touched base in Miami for Art Basel 2010 last December. The Miami adaptation aimed to “invite spectators to participate in a responsive environment, offering an opportunity to connect physically and psychologically with an energetic yet ephemeral setting”. Needless to say, we’re bummed we missed it. To live vicariously through the camera lens, watch the video below.

While the installation itself was more than enough to make a big splash at the art-oriented annual expo of Art Basel, FriendsWithYou also coordinated an additional painting and sculpture exhibit titled Building Blocks (below).

Last year’s experiential installations and the magical Wish Come True world truly are the tip of the iceberg with this movement. For more information on all of FriendsWithYou’s projects and background, head over to

[All images courtesy of FriendsWithYou]