Steal Her Style Heathers Movie

Before LiLo was  popped for grand theft, Winona Ryder was our favorite little shoplifter, and before there were the Plastics, there were the Heathers.  In this cult classic black comedy about teenage popularity and rebellion, Winona plays Veronica, the newest member of a the popular clique at an Ohio High School. The group of girls (three of whom are named Heather) rule their school through manipulation, cruelty, and intimidation. Veronica secretly resents her new popular friends, and silently longs for freedom from the Heathers.  When she meets J.D. (Christian Slater) her fantasies quickly become reality as the two plot to overthrow the popular crowd.

Get Veronica’s bad-girl look with a structured blazer (the bigger the shoulders the better), a feminine skirt, oxford shoes, and ’80′s inspired accessories!

Clockwise from top:  The Christian Dior Blazer by Buried Alive VintageThe Newton Skirt by BB Dakota, The Piaf Beret by deLuxThe Knot Stud Earrings by SOOS Rocks, and The Giulia Shoe by *Sole Boutique.