Steal Her Style Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was arguably one of the greatest babes of all time. She had it all–the body, the face, the hair…  Added bonus–homegirl spoke french!   One of Bardot’s greatest roles was as Camille Javal, the estranged wife in Jean-Luc G0dard’s Contempt.  The film solidified her place as both cinema superstar and bona fide style icon.  Nearly 50 years later, her look is still flawless. I wouldn’t change a thing!

1. The Nude TurbandGold Saturn

2. The Jagger Tuxedo BlazerPlastic Island

3. The No Goodbyes Dress - Quiksilver

4. The Ahoy Shoe - *Sole Boutique


Steal Her Style Brigitte Bardot