Every season we can count on Obey Awareness to highlight a social issue and contribute to a relevant organization. We’ve seen the Adopt a Pet and Haiti relief campaigns shine here at Karmaloop. Spring 2011′s cause is Feeding America, the leading domestic hunger-relief charity offering assistance to the 49 million Americans (17 million of which are children) who live in food-insecure households. With a network of 200+ food banks in all 50 states, nearly 3 billion pounds of food are distributed to more than 37 million low-income Americans facing hunger…annually! If this is a concern that resonates with you, pick up the Feeding America Tee (in black and natural white) — all profits from the sale of this Obey tee will go directly to Feeding America. At a price of $28, you can sacrifice the cost of a night out to benefit your hungry neighbors. For more information on Feeding America, visit www.feedingamerica.org.