Look of the Week

Some days you wake up and feel like punching the world in the face (or maybe that’s just me…), and I don’t necessarily recommend doing that, per se, but you CAN show the world you aren’t one to be messed with by throwing on a badass leather jacket, some fierce platforms, knee socks, and a freakum dress. I guarantee whatever woes are worrying you won’t matter when you feel this invincible. I don’t know why a mini dress and heels have the power to transform your whole day, but I swear by it! Whether it be some annoying facebook stalker (seriously, did you add me just to ogle at my photos?), a tough day at the office (what do you MEAN every single printer in the building is broken?!), or an obnoxious commute to work (wait so NONE of you understand how to hold the safety bars when the train starts moving?), all your petty grievances will be forgotten as you strut your stuff down the street in this killer outfit. Head turning? Duh. Jaw dropping? Natch!

Styled by myself and the lovely miss Emily Richard, photoed by the always dapper Tommy Vo, and modeled by the lovely Lealyn. Thanks all!

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Look of the Week Karmaloop