Hello Ladies Karmaloop

Hello Ladies!

Ahh, nothing like coming back from a sun soaked, fun packed vacation to a sunny, (sorta) warm Boston! And my oh my, what a week to come back! With tons of new arrivals and TONS of fabulous new sale items, I’m almost upset our vacation wasn’t later! I could definitely see myself rocking The Skull Crochet Tank Dress on the sunny shores of Jamaica.

But alas, all good things must end, and here I am, back and burned (now peeling), and happy to be back in the action! I did overestimate my natural tanning abilities and happened to get perfectly scorched while down near the equator so until the skin-shedding stops I’ll be cursed to rock tops with long sleeves. Fortunately covering up is cool this season, and just because my skin is sucky, doesn’t mean my outfits have to be! I love The Taking Woodstock Top for it’s sunny disposition (and soft, soft material). It’s also the perfect time to stay steezy in maxi skirts and dresses!

And for when I’m finally done “molting” I have my eye on The Saudi Tribe Bikini because summer is almost here!

Cheers xxxo!

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