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Hello Ladies!

It’s finally here!!! My highly anticipated, and long awaited vacation. By the time you lovely ladies read this I will be sunning myself on the beaches of Negril, Red Stripe in hand, wearing my brand new Insight bikini!

In addition to blowing my last paycheck on bikinis and dresses, I knew I needed a pair of Natives, perfect for any day adventures we might be going on… I actually have my heart set on sliding down some waterfalls, but I’ll keep you posted on how that goes! I finally settled on The Jericho Sneaker in Confetti Purple, a lovely lavender sneaker shaped shoe that is soooo much more comfortable than you would ever believe. You seriously have GOT to get a pair. All the comfort of Crocs without any of the fug.

Hopefully by the time we’re back next week spring will also have made it’s triumphant return! Cross your fingers!

Stay lovely, ladies!

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