The bedazzling generation (to which I’m sure most of us belong) has grown up — but we have not moved on from an infatuation with shiny things. All evidence points to shine: glitter shoes, sparkly accessories, metallic leather, lamé trim, shimmery blush, must I continue? So for the gals who still feel affection toward multicolor faceted gemstones, Haus of Price is tempting you with yet another firecracker of a bedazzled shoe…the KARMALOOP EXCLUSIVE Zena Wedge. Now, I’m generally good at keeping secrets, so while I can’t show you the whooole shoe…I can give you a sneak peek of the part that Haus of Price fans truly care about: the gems! (And in this case, edgy pyramid stud accents).

*** 4/21/2011 EDITOR’S NOTE: These bejeweled wedges have dropped…shop the Exclusive Zena Wedge!