Meller Sisters Senso Shoes

Meet the Mellers, the sister trio behind one of our favorite shoe brands, Senso Diffusion! Senso is based in Australia, and is a relative newcomer to the States. We had a chance to catch up with Skye, Imogen, and Alicia to discuss the brand and what it’s like to work with your siblings!


1. What is the main concept behind Senso?

High-fashion, daring, yet still stylish shoes at affordable prices. We like to think outside the box and be creative with our choices. Fashion should be fun and light-hearted, and never taken too seriously!


2. Senso is a family owned brand. Tell us a bit about your involvement with the ongoing project.

We are all involved in every aspect of Senso. Our jobs tend to overlap, but we help out with whatever needs attention that day, whether that’s designing or the everyday, boring, administrative work of running an office.


3. What is it like working with your family?

Interesting! Like any family, you have good days and then you have more testing days! But on a whole, it’s generally pretty fun. It works well as we are all very honest with one another, so if something isn’t working it tends to be brought up pretty quickly! We all want the best for the company and love our shoes so we are all working really hard to keep the business growing.


4. What are your favorite styles of shoe for spring?

Its so hard for us to pick favorites as we love all our shoes, but styles like Indigo and Evita are great when we’re running around the office all day–they have been a real staple for us. Its good to have styles that you can throw on every day that are fun and trendy, yet still practical.

And of course, since we’re all quite little, we adore our sky-high heels! Ruzac is definitely one of our favorites this season, and has been so well-received by all our customers. Of course the wedge adds that extra bit of height too!


5. Describe your personal styles. Does your own fashion sense ever creep into the designs of the shoes?

Of course! Almost everything we do, at least one of us would wear. We all have different styles, but can always appreciate that. We often find that we all love the same shoe but would wear it completely differently [ways]. That seems to be what works really well when it comes to designing, as we find ourselves appealing to a wide range of girls, each with a different sense of style. We found that especially with the hot pink Wilmas last year–it was so fun seeing all the blogs and customer photos of them wearing the shoe, since everyone had a different take on what they would pair it with. It was so versatile, who would have thought?!


6. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

We have no idea–all three of us have moved between London and Sydney and now America seems to be calling, so who knows?! As long as the business is still thriving and we are still knee deep in shoes and enjoying every minute of it, we will be happy wherever we are!


7. If you could collaborate with any designer, who would it be?

Ooh there would be so many choices, but the person who comes to mind first would be someone like Henry Holland. Together we could probably come up with something really cool. He really does make fashion fun–and that’s exactly how it should be!


8. If you could travel anywhere for a week, where would you go?

Anywhere hot where we don’t have to wear or think about shoes would be a real break! (That being said, we probably wouldn’t last very long there!)


9. What is on your iPod right now?

The list is endless…none of us really stick to a particular genre, so between us all we tend to have a mix of everything and anything!


10. And last but not least, what is your favorite thing about the month of April?

Our favorite thing about April is that we finally finish selling the winter collection and start on the development and design of our new summer collections, so the fun starts all over again!


Alicia, Skye and Imogen Meller's Karmaloop Picks


Senso Diffusion - The Wilma Bootie in Pink Leopard 

Senso Diffusion

Senso Diffusion - The Rush Shoe in Multi Glitter 

Senso Diffusion

Senso Diffusion - The Evita Flat in Pink Leopard 

Senso Diffusion

Senso Diffusion - The Neve Shoe in Metallic Gunmetal 

Senso Diffusion

Senso Diffusion - The Sahara Shoe in Multi 

Senso Diffusion

Senso Diffusion - The Exclusive Neve Shoe in Kaleidoscope Black 

Senso Diffusion

Senso Diffusion - The Indigo-III Shoe in Beige Leopard 

Senso Diffusion

Senso Diffusion - The Wilma Bootie in Pewter Glitter 

Senso Diffusion

Senso Diffusion - The Sally Shoe in Purple Suede 

Senso Diffusion

Senso Diffusion - The Ruskin Shoe in Black and Silver 

Senso Diffusion