When I was 19, the main priorities on my agenda were happy hour, cheese fries, and sunbathing (in that order I think)…so I’m always awestruck to see someone as accomplished as Jesse Jo Stark at that same age. We’ve got a behind the scenes lookbook video (and actual lookbook, duh) to share with you on her Vans collab (if you want more info on what’s IN the collection, read up), which highlights both her work ethic and super laid back, cool girl vibe. She truly is multi-talented with the titles jewelry designer, singer/songwriter, and now Vans designer on her resume. No wonder the BleachBlack gals crush so hard on her! Fun fact: Cher is her godmother. That alone ensures that no matter how determined I may be to design my own jewelry or write my own tunes, Jesse Jo will be inherently cooler than me. At least judging from the lookbook’s cover we share a love of cheesy things and fries?? Video + lookbook below…

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