Steal her style: Sloan Peterson

I think we can all agree that Sloane Peterson (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) was a total babe! Let’s face it, not every girl can pull off high-waisted pleated shorts with a Davey Crockett inspired jacket.  Didn’t you think she was the coolest when you were a kid?  Heck, I STILL think she is the coolest…in all her fringey glory. You too can dress like a John Hugh’s movie vixen! Cop the look with these key 80′s inspired pieces:

1. The 50 mm Original Wayfarers in Azure Twirl by Ray Ban: The classic wayfarer silhouette in a retro print! If the blue is a bit too bold for your liking, there are plenty of other styles and shades to choose from…Just check out our new spring arrivals from Ray Ban!

2. The Rose Dream Embossed Studded Belt by Joyrich: This belt looks like it came directly from the set of Desperately Seeking Susan…in the best way, of course!

3. The Shag Side Fringe Boot by Heart of Darkness: While Sloane’s white fringed jacket was undeniably cool when the film came out, I’m not so sure that I’d recommend sporting it in 2011. Get the updated look with these boots by new shoe brand Heart of Darkness. They are modern, which just the right amount of sass.

4. The Acid Mini by *NYC Boutique: What says 80′s better than acid washed denim? That’s right…nothing.