Senso Exclusive Neve

I am the bearer of exciting news! Eleven new pairs of Senso shoes have landed at the “Loop… hooray! Those of you who are true shoe aficionados read on for some fun details about the pieces. The Neve in Kaleidoscope Black (pictured above) is exclusive to Karmaloop! This means you can’t get them anywhere else, chickadees, and you’ll never be able to… so don’t sleep on them. Serious Senso fans might not recognize the Ruskin. Well that’s because right now no one else has ‘em! Along those lines, Karmaloop is the first to carry the Wilma Bootie in Tan Leopard, The Rush in the Multi Glitter, and The Sahara in Multi. I can’t wait to clomp around Boston in a few of these babies this spring!

Senso Neve and Diffusion

Senso Neve and Rush

Senso Sahara and Wilma Bootie

Senso Wilma Bootie and Ruskin

Senso Sally and Wilma bootie in pewter glitter