Erica Weiner is a one-of-a-kind jewelry designer because her accessible pieces are inspired by and created from unique materials you may only find in a great grandmother’s locked chest. We’ve got a fresh shipment of Spring 2011 styles from the brand, all handmade in their NYC studio. Last year I told you a little about the company’s eco-friendly endeavors, so if you are looking for more positive tips on the brand here you go: if the clasp of your hummingbird skull necklace happens to break or any of your lovely Erica Weiner items need repair, they will fix it for you! (details at the Erica Weiner site.) We dig a company that cares for planet earth and ensures its customers receive the best quality. If you’re a sucker for a good story like I am, read on for the background of this season’s most interesting jewelry items…

erica weiner spring vintage antique jewelry re-purposed

  1. The Crystal Spike Earrings: When the designer was browsing a gem and mineral expo in NYC she stumbled upon a bag of teeny quartz bits. Given that they were too small to be of value to collectors, Erica snatched ‘em up to create cool raw looking stud earrings. No 2 pairs are alike, so every combination of these crystals is a unique and sweet alternative to classic set crystal studs.
  2. The Heart Padlock Bracelet: At the turn of the 20th century, heart padlock (also known as “gate”) bracelets were an especially of-the-moment¬†jewelry item guys gifted to their significant other before taking a long journey, signaling to everyone that the gal’s heart belonged to someone. Quite a romantic inspiration!
  3. The Stag Head Necklace: Can’t deny the awesomeness of a randomly placed mounted animal head. Your chest works as well as the dining room, no? Plus, a necklace won’t be staring at you while you gorge on french fries and honey mustard at 1am.
  4. The WWII Pee Wee Mini Harmonica Necklace: I’m fascinated with anything WW2 related, so this mini functional harmonica from the era is definitely a loaded pendant. These little instruments were originally “Made in Occupied Japan” so they have literally traveled across the world in decades past. Included with the necklace is the original packaging box. A stylish little bit of history for sure.
  5. The Vertebrae Necklace: Unless you have a disdain for snakes, this necklace is pretty rad. It features 5 actual vertebrae from a snake that move fluidly along an antique chain, and we guarantee that you will be playing with your jewelry all day.

Cop these pieces and many more at Karmaloop’s Erica Weiner page.