Ever heard of TYVEK? Yeah, me neither. But, whether you are aware or not, this super lightweight and nearly indestructible material is one of your best friends…in the realm of online shopping. Delivery envelopes are made of this sweet stuff — and Steven Weinreb of Civic Duty had an “a-ha!” moment when he realized this might be an interesting route for building an eco-friendly, vegan sneaker in a marketable set of familiar styles. Spurred by unemployment in the midst of the Great Recession, Weinreb took it upon himself to not only become a footwear entreprenuer, but develop a socially conscious brand in the process. So while his line of comfy, breathable sneakers made out of polyethylene fibers (the fancy word for TYVEK) have magical properties to benefit the environment, Civic Duty also promises to donate 100% of the profits from an annual exclusive shoe to a relevant charity. 2011′s focus is Common Ground, a nonprofit working in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, which is a cause I can toast to as a former NOLA resident! Check out all the Civic Duty styles and pick up a pair at the pleasant price point of $55-60 in various colorways.