Friday morning I was on a bus to New York Fashion Week [cue excited giggling] so although I couldn’t post last week‘s links last week, I would hate to leave you ladies hanging. If you’ve seen these headlines already — T.S. (grandma’s lingo for tough shit)! If you aren’t caught up, you’re welcome. At the very least you will know some Lady Gaga news other than the fact that she arrived to the 2011 Grammy’s in an egg.

  • Nitrolicious and a bunch of other blogs have posted pics from the Lady Gaga x Supreme editorial shot by fashion photography’s bad boy Terry Richardson for Purple Magazine. It is raw, it is Gaga, and I love that they used a white Birkin as a prop (I presume a nod to her Sharpie-d bag fiasco last year?) Also, thanks Wendy for tipping me off to! Diggin’ the Gaga GIFs. [Nitrolicious - Lady Gaga x Supreme in Purple Magazine]
  • Interesting interview with mega-famous plus size model Crystal Renn, conducted by the Ford Models Blog. Watch as she discusses her controversial weight-loss and the pressures of living in the public eye. [Ford Models Blog - Crystal Renn Interview Special]
  • Blogue sheds light on an interesting legal issue in the art world: does Jeff Koons own rights to balloon dogs? Apparently not. And if you want Koons-inspired bookends, head to Park Life Store to put your name down for the backordered item in question. [Blogue - Yo Dog, That's My Balloon!]
  • Leave it to Lady Gaga to catapult an obscure Icelandic designer, Vera Thordardottir (a recent graduate of London’s Istituto Marangoni), to fame… She donned a pretty cool dress to Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball last week. Fingers crossed that we see more of this budding designer! Head to NYLON for pics of the getup. [NYLON - GAGA ON ICE]