Some of us have very exciting spring breaks ahead of us in places significantly warmer than the city we call home. Since the Karmaloop team’s vacations include relaxed beach locales like Jamaica and Ecuador, seaside attire is on the agenda…along with frequent trips to the gym, daydreams of finding Nemo while snorkeling, and setting up spray tan appointments for a faux glow. I’m sure you will agree that every girl’s biggest beach necessity is a little black bikini for its numerous magical qualities: slimming color, flatters both dark and light skin tones, plus it is ideal to mix and match with other patterned swim separates! Different styles are starting to trickle in from our swimwear brands, so let me ask you… Do you prefer the Vacancy Bustier Bikini by Insight (left)…or the Bittersweet Bikini by Quiksilver (right)?

vacancy bustier bikini insightbittersweet bikini quiksilver swim after hours black

Can’t decide? Fortunately there’s no such thing as too many bikinis. If you want to spice up the look, check out bikini-alternative monokinis or a colorful top to pair with simple bottoms. Below are the Havana Swimsuit in Onyx and the Azul Swim Top in Zig Zag Onyx, both by Vans.

vans havana swimsuit onyx monokiniazul bikini top zig zag