The Mugshot TeeThe Washboard Deep V Tee

Married to the Mob is not for the light-hearted lady. The MOB girl is loud and proud, wearing her thoughts on her sleeve. She loves an impeccably executed curse word and knows what she wants. Most importantly she won’t back down. If your picture shows up in the dictionary under “Most Official Bitch”, you probably noticed that the Spring 2011 collection has landed. This new set is full of signature graphic tees dripping with logos and clever catch phrases, as well as a couple cheeky tees like the Mugshot Tee and the Washboard Deep V Tee. Here’s why these 2 are my favorites of the bunch:

a)  I love that the Mugshot Tee is totally a nod to founder Leah McSweeney’s arrest and lawsuit, which led to a sizable settlement and enabled her to start the Married to the Mob empire. Take that NYPD!
b) Anyone else a HUGE Marky Mark fan? Because it only took .005 seconds for me to spot the Washboard Deep V Tee and recognize those fine abs from his iconic Calvin Klein underwear campaign back in the day. Yup, I’m drooling.

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