Alternative Apparel has a hold on our hearts with its classic basics in vintage washes and unexpected cuts. In an attempt to invade our entire closet, they have tempted us with a collection of the perfect utilitarian bags and small accessories. With sturdy materials like canvas, leather, and suede alongside unique custom vintage treatments you will not be able to resist picking one up. And with effortlessly cool, timeless design, the price points are excellent to invest in a long-term (bag) love affair. Offerings include tote bags, weekenders, cross body, and hobo — plus small pouches, a belt, and my personal favorite, what they refer to as a festival pack. With an adjustable holster design and several zip pockets, this carry-all is ideal to keep your party goodies, sunglasses, lip balm, hand sanitizer and maybe some TP in place without your dance moves skipping a beat! To see the collection in full, check out Alternative Apparel.