Bag ladies unite! Own the title! We are not hobos, but we like chic hobos. Whether your purse style is large and in charge or compact and cute, our newest additions in the bag department will suit your taste. We are thrilled to have picked up Matt & Nat, a label notorious for its high (eco-)fashion, socially responsible items made without animal by-products. Get this: the lining of their bags are made from on average 21 recycled plastic bottles! So if you are passionate about style and compassionate about Mother Earth you will totally dig this vegan collection featuring quilted designs, chain details, and cross body straps. On the other hand, we are now carrying another luxurious designer, Helena De Natalio, because while we do love to embrace a healthy environment, some of us crave high quality leather goods as well. We adore her slouchy silhouettes and boho inspired details, and personally, I am drooling over the Giselle XL clutch. So go ahead, choose your favorite flavor of arm candy!

My picks, clockwise from top left: the Santogold Bag by Matt & Nat, the Shandi Bag by Helena De Natalio, the Rheo Bag by Matt & Nat, and the Giselle XL Clutch by Helena De Natalio.