It’s that final push on our end, making sure all your prezzies and self-gifted indulgences arrive for Christmas Eve! But hey — it’s Friday! Fuck yeah! Take a mental breather from holiday stress below…

  • Blogue unearthed some vintage Versace ads filled with prints, bangs, cropped things, high waisted jeans, animal print…”We are impatiently waiting for the day this ostentatious glam will come back to stores near us!” cries Blogue. We say, “Hey friends! Have you taken a peek at our latest Joyrich, Play Me Jeans, and Mink Pink?” [Blogue]
  • This is not the first time I said it, but the treasure trove retail site Etsy can be hard to navigate…and PunkyStyle informed us of a super cool holiday feature they introduced which suggests gifts for your friends based on their Facebook profile information. A ha! Third party info-sharing used for a good cause, for once I approve. [PunkyStyle]
  • Who made the best dressed list this year? NYLON thinks you should be the judge. Head to their site and let ‘em know which starlets you think should top the list! [NYLON]
  • They just don’t go away. World domination. Snooki has an official slipper site. Yup. [BleachBlack]
  • You serial killers out there have probably pondered what your last meal might be should you ever get caught. No? No one? Ok well the artist Julia Ziegler-Haynes went there…in a series titled Today’s Special she recreated the last meals of death row inmates and photographed them. The result is uncomfortably interesting. Check it out. [Refinery29]