It’s that time of year, the time for Holiday parties.  Whether you’re attending an office party, a family event, or a New Year’s Eve extravaganza, you have to look the part.  Most of the magazines and blogs will tell you that this season’s hot trend is sequins and sparkles, like it’s something new.  While I do have a soft spot for all things shiny, that seems to be the trend for EVERY holiday season, and I’m a wee tired of it.  So what do I do to get into the holiday spirit?  I wear cherubs, little winged, fat babies on my dress.  Why you ask?  Because I’m unique, and also weird, but this dress by Motel is cute, so hear me out.

Look numero uno is one that I would wear to an evening holiday party.  I jazzed up the dress a bit with The Tiffany Shoe in Dark Pink Suede by Kelsi Dagger and a belt by Nixon.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll buy a dress for a specific event and after you wake up the next morning (possibly still wearing the dress with mascara streamed across your entire face) and wash it, it goes back into the dark corner of your closet never to be seen again.  Not so with The Lola Dress!  Here, I’m wearing a look that is appropriate for daytime and nice and warm for winter.  80%20’s Mallory Boots and my black leggings keep my feet and legs toasty, and this jacket by Jack BB Dakota is a great defense against the wind that threatens to blow me over while I’m trying to cross Boylston St.  Top it off with a slouchy knit beret, and you’ve successfully winterized your dress!

I would wear this last look out on any weekend night.  Wear some chunky platforms like these by Jeffrey Campbell, some knee or ankle socks, like these Betsey Johnson ones, and some cool accessories, like The Pyramid Stud Watch by La Mer, for a trendy nighttime look.