It was only a matter of time before Hello Kitty landed a top notch beauty line at Sephora, and with a mid-January drop the anticipation is too much to handle. I remember back to my 7 year old days, hanging out at the local gift shop, where there was a HUGE Sanrio display and I would have weekly temper tantrums begging my mom to get me a Hello Kitty lip gloss to match my scented heart rings that were made out of the same plastic as the sandal a la mode, glitter jellies. So yeah, not much has changed at this point besides the location (Sephora) and who is paying (me). Some of you may have been lucky enough to shop the private Beauty Insider sale this weekend, but if you’re like moi and neglected checking email until last night when the sale was over, then you only need to wait a couple weeks for the product to hit stores!