It’s a slow rainy morning and I found all these tidbits interesting… not sure if they are interesting BECAUSE it’s a slow rainy morning, or if it’s because they are actually interesting. Feel free to judge.

Aaron Rose x Incase “Fake Love”
Aaron Rose collaborates with my #1 iPhone case maker, Incase, for a nifty little video shot entirely on an iPhone 4. Pretty good, pretty, pretty good. Puts my already outdated 3G to shame (predictable sad face). [Format Mag]

House of Vans x MadeMe Party
Yes, some of you lucky readers got to witness the Vans x MadeMe fun in person…but the rest of you can stay in the loop thanks to a video recap of the event! [HighSnobette]

Last week’s WWW. touched on the trailer for short film, INFLUENCERS, and this week hypebeast tips us off on the release of the full thing. Get inspired. [hypebeast]

I couldn’t resist, SORRRRRY.
Apparently Zac Posen will be designing Bella Swan’s wedding dress!!! [Styleite]

“Let’s hit up the wicked awesome Nantucket bahs!”
As evidenced by the viral uproar over “Naughty in Nantucket” and whatever that Cape Cod Jersey Shore spinoff was called (Wicked Summah?), it seems us Massholes are a great supplement to gorilla juiceheads. Ooof. As our in-house Nantucketian, Martha’s comment is no comment. Read the casting call heeyah. [Thrillist]