All That Glitters Is Not Gold…
But your nails might be! Especially if you picked up Deborah Lippmann “Boom Boom Pow” which contains 24K gold dust. While $20 a bottle is VERY steep, a more affordable, easier to find similar version of festive holiday sparkle is OPI’s Glitzerland (which I am wearing as I type this!). [The Cut]

“Ambiguous” Music Video Premiere
Check out the video for “Ambiguous” from our boys Clinton Sparks, Mike Posner, and Big Sean. Its world premiere was on good ol’ KarmaloopTV yesterday, and so many of you tuned in that the servers crashed! Wild. Anyways, watch it if you haven’t! [KLTV]

How To Become a Star Style Blogger
Alert all Rumi/Tavi/Wendy/[insert blogger name here] wannabes! Refinery29 put together a cheeky little flow chart of how you can put yourself in their shoes! [Refinery29]

Humor Chic
Blogue has tipped us off to very cool (and relevant) daily society portrait blog, Humor Chic, featuring aleXsandro Palombo’s social commentary illustrations addressing fashion and celebrity culture. [Blogue]

Girl Talk is Back!
Mashup extraordinaire Girl Talk was off the map for a quick moment but is back in full swing with the free release of ALL DAY. Get the weekend started NOW! [BleachBlack]