A mix of classics with fresh new fashion.

MISS Explains It All
Emily and I have this debate like…way more often than most people, so we were thrilled to see MISS take an in depth look at the matchup between TV sitcom “it-girls”, Clarissa and Blossom. Which team are you on? [MISS]

The Revival of the Mini Bag
Over the past few seasons, crossbody purses have taken the world by storm – no explanation needed on why, they are cute to boot and as functional as humanly possible. Taking that aesthetic a step further is the mini bag, referencing the Studio 54 disco era. Hands free means more freedom to dance! [Interview]

15th Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
Who doesn’t love the lavish show put on by Vicki’s and its Angels? Airing November 30 on CBS, the show’s filming took place last night and Fashionista hooked us up with some sneak peeks of the most outrageous looks. [Fashionista]

Right on Target
JAK & JIL managed to fit so many fantastic fall/winter trends into one post! Textured knits, stripes, leopard, camo, shearling, and crunchy yellow leaves. [JAK & JIL]

A More Fashionable Tech Goliath?
Rumor has it Google is putting together an e-commerce site. No official word on what that may involve, but is it really a surprise that they are looking to streamline access to high fashion the same way they did email/search/docs/maps/chat/[everyotherwebapplicationyouknowof]? [Fashionologie]