Reporting from KL headquarters in wicked awesome Boston, MA…bringing you tittilating news stories fresh off the blogosphere press. Before we switch to your weekend forecast (fake holiday weekend! woo!), here are this week’s LINKS…

Our man Keith is everywhere…
Throw on your dancing shoes! (that is, if you have bill$$$ to burn…) Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring collab sketches, our kind of wearable art. [AnOther]

Ahhhhh MAKEUP!!!!!!!
So I kiiind of have a makeup obsession, and chances are some (ok, most) of you chickadees do too. Refinery29 has put together probably the greatest “Best of YouTube Makeup Tutorials” list EVER. [Refinery29]

Nowadays Sketchers is not only a style offender, but also a copyright/idea/knockoff offender too! Meet BOBS, the totally identical product/concept/name as TOMS. Blah. [BLEACH BLACK]

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Check out Nylon’s tips to avoid looking costumey in Navajo prints. Our tribal inspired picks? The Ryan Cape by Dolce Vita and the WTF Navajo Cardi by Free People. [Nylon]

Holeeeeeeey Sheeeyit
James Franco (hottie) in drag (eeks), shot by Terry Richardson (naturally) for Candy Magazine. Really not sure what to think…decide for yourselves? [MOB Living]

Happy long weekend gals!