This may have been a short week, but it was definitely an eventful one! Themes of today’s roundup: big changes and big introductions…

Vans x MadeMe
Peep the video highlighting Erin Magee of MadeMe‘s NYC inspiration for the Holiday Vans collab, plus a sneak peak of the 2 styles! [Blogue]

Gawdy Gotti Joisy Jewels
The inaugural New Jersey Fashion Week kicked off this week to the delight of my favorite reality housewife heavyweights! “Classiness” ensues… [Fashionista]

She is a Thing of Beauty
This makes me very happy!!! Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola direct the newest Stella Artois ad, and it is great. [Kill City]

Perez Pledges More “Sass”, But Less “Ass”
By that I mean, he says he is going to be less of an asshole. Which we all agree is a good resolution, especially in the wake of recent suicides provoked by online bullying. [PerezHilton]

Gap Gives in to the Haters…
…and it’s for the best. [Mashable]