Still unsure of what to be this Halloween?  Why not pay homage to one Maya Arulpragasam, otherwise known as M.I.A, recognized worldwide not only for her music, but her kooky personal style as well!  Creating this costume is super easy! All you need are a fierce pair of leggings and a crazy patterned over-size top (I suggest the Disco Inferno leggings by Mink Pink and the Tribal Map Crewneck sweater by Joyrich). Grab some jewelry that makes a strong statement, like the Femme Fatale Necklace by Melody Ehsani and some rad shoes (I used the In For the Thrill Shoe by Irregular Choice) and you are good to go!  For full effect you should probably go around chanting your favorite verses of “Paper Planes” and making fun of Lady Gaga.