Lifetime Collective has managed grow smoothly and steadily from a small basement DIY t-shirt operation to a well curated progressive lifestyle brand. Pushing to combine creative pursuits and style, Lifetime is consistently “finding new ways to keep independent from the uniform standard.” We think they are doing a stellar job in this endeavor, and so far the Fall/Winter collection is proof! Especially noteworthy are the Last Frost Coat and the Joanie Leather Jacket, alongside the Lisbeth x Lifetime collab feather jewelry (necklace & matching earrings). The outerwear is well composed, definitely meant to be worn and loved for many seasons…and the jewelry is totally on trend.

Peep the FW10 video (top) highlighting the new collection — infused with that fresh, earthy northwestern vibe embodied by this Vancouver/Seattle based powerhouse. Want another visual treat? Sean MacAlister, Lifetime backed skateboarder and artist, put together a short film (shot and produced by Brock Mitchell) titled Solstice (bottom), which presents a ground level view of the elements, scenes, and characters that give urban living its flavor. Very awesome. I could watch it a million times over. See below.