M.I.A., queen of genre blending and mind bending beats, has a notorious style that is often imitated, but never duplicated… until now, since here at Karmaloop we’re hooking you up with the same threads as this controversial mamacita. While promoting the release of her 3rd album /\/\/\Y/\ (aka Maya, which as you may know, has garnered tons of attention due to its loaded political messages), M.I.A. has been spotted in some aggresively cool slashed camo print Tripp NYC pants. As we await these bad boys at Karmaloop, check out Tripp’s more polished version, the Heavy Wash Jean. Pair it with the Love Game Oversized Top by Hellz Bellz and you’ve got yourself a pure “Maya” outfit. If one M.I.A. isn’t enough for you, definitely watch her performance on David Letterman earlier this week!